Great Advice for First Time Property Buyers in Bangkok

Taking the first step onto the property ladder is something we all have to face; the thought of ploughing a significant amount of cash into one specific item can trigger all sorts of feelings and emotions. But with some proper planning and research, you can enter the property market well-equipped to secure the home of your dreams. If you are looking for a condo for sale in Sukhumvit or an apartment in Sathorn, this article will provide you with some great information with which to proceed with your search.

Plan Your Property Search

As you have decided now is the time to buy, you should also have thought about what your desired property should have, separate the must-haves from the maybes and have a firm idea of what you want. You may have specific areas of the city where you want to live to be close to family or your workplace; take a closer look at each of them and see what the local amenities offer. During your planning phase, it is crucial to be realistic, and there is very little point in looking at properties or areas that are outside of your budgetary restrictions. At this stage, appoint an experienced real estate attorney as their skills can be highly beneficial throughout the property buying process.

Have Your Budget Set & Available

One of the first steps you should undertake is to confirm your budget and how you will finance your property purchase. If you are getting a mortgage, schedule a visit with your money lender and establish how much you can borrow, as this will go some way to identifying what homes you can then look at. Always remember the contractual fees and costs associated with buying a property; they can sometimes add up to as much as five per cent of the property’s value.

Conduct Proper Research

Once you know what type of property you want and with your finances sorted, you can look for your dream home. During your property search, always use well-respected property agents, as they often have the best condos and apartments on the market. When searching, make a note of any prospective properties to may want to view and first look at nearby transport links, shops, and other amenities. When viewing a property, take your time and think of both benefits and problems of living in that specific home. Always ensure your attorney undertakes all the proper searches and surveys to ensure there are no problems with the home. Once you are happy with all that is complete and you are sure this is the one for you, it is time to start negotiations with a view to buying the property. Again, take advice on strategies at this stage, as situations can differ.

With these simple steps, you can navigate the property market successfully and secure the home you have always wanted.