How to use generators if you need to be quiet?

Electricity has become a part of our life, we cannot function without it. We use generators when there is a problem in the power supply due to technical problems or natural calamities. During power outages, generators are one of the best options to keep our work routine going. While generators produce electricity, they also make unbearable noise. When the power breakdown is so long, the noise becomes a headache for those who constantly hear it. How to get rid of this noise, or at least how we can reduce it? These are the most asked questions.

The advantage of these generators is that we can take them on long trips like picnics. Nowadays, we face many issues regarding power outages, so generators are the best option. These portable generators make a lot of noise. The reason they make noise is that they generate electricity. As we increase the production of electricity, the more noise they make. There are various tricks we can use to reduce the noise of generators.

Tips for quieting generators:

Let’s talk about tips to quiet these generators. The capacity of these generators ranges from 2000 watts to 4500 watts and the highest capacity is from 10000 watts to 20000 watts for domestic use.

Keep your generator away from the residence:

Having generators with houses makes a lot of annoying noise. So to reduce this noise you need to keep your generators away from the house. We can also build a shed away from the residence where we can install our generator. You can use a high-voltage power extension cord to connect your home to a generator. To quiet 7500 watt generator, you can also put it in the shed. Because their noise is very loud.

Use a soft surface under the generator:

One of the reasons generators make noise is where they are placed, and what surface they are placed on, if the surface is hard it will make more noise. We can put it on grass or raw land, they are excellent for sound resistance. We can use a vibration mat to reduce their noise. Because they are made of rubber and their soft surface reduces noise.

Quiet Box:

We can build a quiet box to reduce the noise of the generator. This silent box is made of OSB sheets, along with the OSB sheets we also use some rock wool, so we put these things in the walls like a home theater to dampen the sound. These boxes are not completely enclosed, they also have an air passage and an exhaust for the generator fumes to escape.

Use a muffler:

We can use mufflers to reduce the generator noise. We just need to connect these mufflers to the exhaust pipes of the generator. It works like a car muffler to reduce noise. This will increase the efficiency of the generator and produce more electricity.

Buy a generator according to your needs:

The main problem is that we first need to understand which generator is suitable for our home. If we understood this issue, we wouldn’t buy extremely noisy generators. This is one of the best tips for you. Another important thing is if you have had the generator for around 7-8 years. And even after sustaining, he creates noise. Then you need to buy a new generator.