A Condo Can Be a Great Home, But Also An Excellent Investment Opportunity.

Living in a condominium is a great way to change your lifestyle, and the days of having to travel to all of your favourite restaurants and shopping malls, will be long over. Having a condominium close to, or right in the heart of the city, allows you to be able to find your favourite places to dine, to shop, and generally hang out, with your best friends. It allows your children to be able to walk to school, and back home again in safety. Public transport is fantastic, and there are taxis passing your condominium building, on a very regular basis. Everything is right there at your fingertips, and life has never been so good. As well as offering you an excellent place to live, your condominium can also be an excellent investment opportunity.

Places like, The Lofts in Silom (called เดอะ ลอฟท์ สีลม in Thai), offer families and single people, a fantastic place to live, but it also offers them an opportunity for investment, and additional income. Let me tell you more about it here.

  • High investment potential – You will find that most condos are situated in the best areas, that are guaranteed to get you a fantastic resale value, if you ever decide to sell the property, further down the road. Every penny that you put into your condominium, will be returned to you, and then some. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to buy a condominium in a highly sought-after area, you can get to enjoy living your life there, but when you decide to sell up and move on, you will have made a significant profit on your investment.
  • Opportunities for passive income – Nobody says that you have to live in your condominium, when you buy one, and this is what many property owners are doing. They don’t want to sell the property, but they do want to be able to make some money from it. This is when you can put your condominium on the rental market, and people who work in the city, who can’t afford to buy a condominium as of yet, will be keen to rent your property. You can charge a sizeable rent on the property, which will more than cover your mortgage payments, and leave some left over, for you to save.

So, you get to enjoy the both sides of the coin in this situation. You get to buy a condo in a fantastic area, that you can live in, if you decide to do so. On the other hand, you might be buying a condo for investment reasons, and so you will easily be able to rent it out, to people who work in the city. It’s a win-win situation, no matter what way you look at it.